torstai 15. syyskuuta 2011

Best of both worlds

I remember in Belgium I used to miss a lot of little things back in Finland e.g. certain foods, shops and especially my uni and how easy sorting things out here is (so many things can be done online, it's so much easier!) The funny thing is, every once in a while I feel the tables have turned. It's so strange finding myself thinking about buying something from the store and then realising it's not even available here. Screw you Finland for being such an isolated country! I kinda regret not doing all the things in Belgium I'm not able to do here in Helsinki but ot be honest, the way of thinking is a but different when living in another country than just being there on a vacation. After a couple of months one just can't think everything is somehow special. In a way, being there I didn't realise I will actually move back to Finland. I somehow thought I would come here for some kind of a holiday and then get back to Belgium lol. :D 

But speaking of things I liked in Brussels:

 This must be one of the cutest candy/bisquit shops ion the whole world! I highly recommend visiting this, all you gourmands and everyone else too! It's just off the Grand Place so should be too hard to find. Just follow the huge crowds of tourist moving out of the place (not the ones going to Manneken Pis though!) and pay attention to the shops on your righthand side. The staff is so nice and you can have some tasters too!

And at least some things in both cities, Brussels and Helsinki, have similarities:

Subway is called Metro and it's orange! :D But of course the one in Helsinki doesn't have the awesome music played on the stations...

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