torstai 19. tammikuuta 2012

Pub Magneetti, Mäkelänkatu 20

I've been living in Vallila, an ex-working class neighbourhood of Helsinki, which despite of turning more into a middle class neighborhood, still has some rough ends to it, for 6 months now. I really love the neighbourhood, it has most of the services you need on a daily basis and also nice variety of fleamarkets and corner bars with decent prices. However, I still hadn't found the bar I was expecting this place would have: a nice, cosy, not too posh place for young people. Well folks, last night I found it: Pub Magneetti. It's a small place located on the main street, Mäkelänkatu, and still it's rather hard to find if you don't know what to look for. No neon signs, just the name on the window and an entrance which raises the question "am I really aloud to go in?" (At least on Finnish standards as we prefer everything to be if not super tidy, at least not as dingy as this small entrance) Anyhow, once you get in, you don't regret: the bar is superb. The decor is, well, eclectic to say the least and the whole place was lit up with just candle light and a rather kitsch, yet interesting fixture of Christmas lights. The walls are packed with a strange mixture of memorabilia, mainly donated by customers, I heard. And the music was really good too, just perfect for a chill place like this.
Last night, a regular wednesday evening, all tables were full of lively, young crowd and no wonder as the regular tap beer is only 2,8e/0,4l. Very reasonable for a bar in Helsinki. Not that much of beer variety though, but still some choice in case you totally detest the Karjala beer on tap.
So, if you want to have a cosy beer with friends or a place to start a long night out, this bar is a total thumbs up. At least in my case, I'm sure last night won't be my last night there. :D So muchos gracias for my lovely friends for inviting me there last night!

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