sunnuntai 7. elokuuta 2011


I saw this flower, Himalayan Balsam, growing near my house. I don't know from who's garden it has fled from, but now there's a whole hillside filled with these fragrant blossoms. I just had to pick up a couple as the smell always reminds me of childhood. These used to be my favourite flowers on our yard, not the least because of the popping seed pods. I was a proper seed pod destroyer!
Talking of plants, I have another newcomer on my windowsill herbgarden
 He was too shy for the photo, hiding there behind the basil and the wildly sprouting chives: the dill. I love it with slices of cucumber (toss in some vinegar, salt and sugar too, shut the container, shake well for a while, and voilà, there's your "beaten up-cucumbers" as I used to call them as a kid. :D)

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