lauantai 6. elokuuta 2011

Home sweet home

Back in Finland! It's been a busy couple of weeks, being homeless and crashing at friends' places, I finally got my own flat/room on Sunday.

I love summer and all the fresh veggies and fruit available now! 

Halloumi-strawberry salad I had with a friend the other day OMNOM, the best thing ever!

Since I have lectures only in the afternoon, most of the days my breakfast is more like light lunch with coffee. This is what I had this morning: Avocado, tomato, tuna, a little mayo and some chopped chives.

And then something I got for my new flat:
I LOVE MY NEW CHANDELIER. And I got it half price so it's even better. 8) Finally I have a decent light fixture! Okay, I admit it's slightly fancy for a student flat but.... one has to have some luxury in everyday life, right.  ;)

Later I'll still post some more stuff about Brussels too but at the moment I'm just way too busy.

1 kommentti:

  1. HI,

    The first salad with strawberry looks yummy and your light lunch breakfast looks delicious !!
    Now my mouth is watering haha.
    By the way ... really nice chandelier

    Love from London Wishes
    Caithlin and Eva