maanantai 19. maaliskuuta 2012

Belgium/The Netherlands

Actually, before showing you the second-hand shopping goodess, I'll share some totally random pics from my trip to Belgium and The Netherlands a couple of weeks ago. Good times meeting up with dear friends!

And yeah, these are just some random pictures with crappy quality of cameraphone as I couldn't find my camera when I was packing.

Oh look, it's me! And Thiago being kind with his photobombing victory mark. :D The name sign was an awesome present, thanks Senna! We all got matching ones with our names on them. :) Apparently it's the Belgian car licence plate design.
 And btw, the dress I'm wearing is the one that was featured earlier in the blog! I love love love it! It's  just the perfect travelling piece because of the versitilily, fast-to-dry fabric and the loose fit.  Totally recommend you guys get a similiar piece for travelling use!

Oh well hello there, the wall of interenet memes... (Brussels)

This is a ratio I'm talking about! The picture is an information add for what's coming thanks to a renovation on a Dutch railway station (Breda, I guess). Translation: Places for 16 trains, 20 busses, 4200 bikes (!) and 720 cars. Helsinki city officials, learn something from this!

A very cool catherdal-like hallway on the airport of Copenhague. You wouldn't really guess it's an airport, would you?

"Welcome back to Finland". The weather was so bad hey almost didn't let our plane to fly from Stockholm to Helsinki...

I had an awesome trip seeing all my friends! Thanks for Thiago, Wolney and Daniel for hosting me in Brussels and for Britt and Danielle for hosting me in The Netherlands! Hope to see you guys soon!

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