tiistai 20. maaliskuuta 2012

Second-hand finds

So, I went to the Valtteri Flea Market the other day and this is what I found:

Isn't it just the most adorable little bag ever? Good condition, genuine leather, a Finnish manufacturer... and best of all, the price was 4 euros! A real find there!

As I really like the design of the purse, I googled a little bit more about the brand, Three Bags, and I found out there was a couple of bags by the brand on internet auctions. And that's where I then found this baby:

I've been looking for a bag that would accomodate my other baby, Asus Zenbook laptop I bought a couple of months ago and now I found it! How didn't I come to think of traditional suitcases before? And the colour is just to die for.

Another colourful second hand gem I purchased with the first bag:

Isn't it cute? Can't wind it up though as it makes such a noise I can't sleep, haha. :D

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  1. So lovely blog! I really enjoyed reading it!
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  2. gladly follow u too on bloglovin. Kisses