tiistai 13. maaliskuuta 2012

The Flea Market Valtteri, Vallilan makasiinit

Living in Vallila, there's probably one flea market I've heard the most about, Valtteri (http://www.kirpputori.com/valtteri) . So of course I had to pay it a visit the other day. Even with all the rumours I didn't really know what to expect. This is what I came across with:

It was huge and packed! (And just for info, this is only one half of the indoor space in use plus there's also an outdoor space for more tables and furniture when the weather is better)

The selection here is rather impressive, it covers basically anything and everything. Most notable "genre" of stuff on sale was still young women's clothing so for that kind of pieces, this is a good place. No chance for fitting anything properly on though! But of course you can buy so many different things here as it's based on rented salestables so the items vary based on whatever people want to sell: I saw everything from fake "chanel" purses and used mobile phones to antiques and children's utilities. There's also a fixed antiquariat and cafe in case one gets a bit thirsty going through this massive hall of re-usable goods.

Btw at the antiquariat section I found something curious:

 Note it's the second one of the series, I just wonder how many of these there are in total....
  Anyhow, I really liked the place and made some pretty awesome finds too but more about them on my next post. I think I'll definately visit Valtteri again but I'll wait for a while before so the selection changes a bit.

And of course after tiring second hand shopping, I had to treat myself with some Laskiaispulla and hot chocolate at Kulmakahvio at Karhupuisto, which I can highly recommend, the staff was super friendly!

UPDATE: The flea market has been closed.

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