sunnuntai 19. kesäkuuta 2011

Sugar : The bitter truth

The other night, browsing through the blogosphere as usual, I came a cross this video:

It's an interesting lecture about sugar and it's effects on liver and body in general. I generally avoid taking any sides on this dialogue about carbs or fat being damaging for you, but this was an interesting new insight I hadn't heard of. Personally, I'm pro natural diet, not eliminating any specific nutritional groups but keeping diet balanced, varied and natural and listening to your own body. I can't say that I would live by my own rules though, but I'm trying. And to be honest, I have no scientific information to back up my own health believes, just some random stuff I've read online through years. Nevertheless, this lecture seemed scientific enough to convince me to cut down the sugar intake a bit. Couldn't hurt anyway, I don't believe that sugary drinks are part of the "natural" diet of human beings after all.

And talking of these healthy diets, I've been wondering the concept of PH/alkaline diets. These are the diets that are based on the idea of human body (with the modern diet) being too acidic so eating more alkaline foods would make it function better. And of course we are talking about acidity after digestion, so mainly the diet rules I've seen just suggest eating more vegetables and fruit (although avoiding some, like plums), so I was wondering if the results people get are due to increase in intake of fibre and vitamines. I would love to know if there is any scientific reserch done on this field since this sounds so strange to me.

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