torstai 30. kesäkuuta 2011

Little treats

I just finished my last exam for this semester, so I'm officially on holiday for next two weeks. After that it's time to return to Finland (and study a bit more). 

So, for my last couple of weeks here, I'll try to do as much fun things possible with my very limited amount of money. Today I joined some of my friends as they wanted to go to Leonidas outlet to buy some discount Belgian chocolate. And it was a chocolate heaven! You could try all the chocolates they had for sale there, YUM YUM YUM! A complete chocolate overdose. Here's a taster of a speciality they had there:

I'm a bit afraid to try that one though... I don't really think chocolate and gin would make the perfect combination, to be honest. :D But maybe I'll give it to a friend who loves gin, maybe he'll appreciate it.

Another "local" treat I got from an ex-flatmate. A group of Spanish people left couple of days ago and they said we can take any of their leftover stuff (groceries etc.) So I immediately spotted this:

Speculoos. It's like Nutella, but tastes like cookies. Like cookies in a paste form. Crazy, eh? Speculoos is actually originally a brand of cookies. I know normally people would put it on top of a toast but I've have to admit eating it straight from the jar... But I love it!

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