tiistai 21. kesäkuuta 2011

Toute personne a droit au respect de sa vie privée

"Jokaisella on oikeus siihen, että hänen yksityiselämäänsä kunnioitetaan" [Euroopan Unionin perusoikeuskirja, ote 7 artiklasta].

I decided to respect my private life by starting to use this little black notebook here I got from the European Parliament. Lately I've been trying to stop worrying and planning so much ahead and instead enjoy the moments as they are. In my efforts to do so, there is still a little problem: I've always very good at deliberately forgetting what I was meant to do. It's very relieving from time to time not to have these thoughts buzzing in your head, yet the momentary relief I get from not thinking about what I should do, normally comes back with a price of remembering what I should have already done. And that is way more displeasing than the pleasure I get from getting these things out of my head for a while. So, after losing tons of post-its and little pieces of notepaper, I decided to put everything here from now on, the daily upcoming stuff starting from the front, and the not-so-recently upcoming things starting from the back. Let's see how long this little bit of organization manages to keep on going with my lifestyle!

And to end up this probably rather boring entry, I'll share some customer knowledge. Normally all the blogs tell you what to buy, I'll tell you what NOT to buy:

They are some kind of inner soles for shoes you normally use without socks (ballerinas etc). And they promise to keep the unwanted smells away and your feet fresh ad a flower. I don't know about the smell, but if you're planning to walk in the shoes, I don't recommend putting these in there. They roll, slip and break after just a couple of days of using. At least with my couple of days using. :D And I just ended up with blisters!

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